Because waiting to be asked about my opinions is so passé.

This will possibly get more attention when there’s more content to merit it. For now, here’s a simple index list of the few articles I’ve finished.

There’s no RSS feed, because I have yet to figure out how to have Middleman build one. I could switch to Jekyll or manage it myself, but, I just haven’t gotten around to that yet. Sorry.

How Computers Work

  1. How Computers Work (2016 November 14)

    A general introduction to computing and the topics I intend to cover in more depth in following posts.

  2. Transistors and Logic Gates (2016 November 16)

    An overview of how transistors work and how they can be assembled into Boolean logic elements.

  3. Processors (2016 November 17)

    This is a very long piece which I should probably split apart, that covers the assembly of logic elements into decision evaluators, arithmetic operators, and eventually a primitive processor.

  4. Processors Part II (2016 November 18)

    A continued exploration of computer processors and memory.

Type Theory

  1. Data Types (2017 March 14)

    An exploration of how programs assign meaning to patterns of data, and the theories behind that behavior.

  2. Data Structure Punning (2017 March 15)

    Complex data records are often only used as subsets of themselves. In languages such as C++, Java, and C♯, the class and interface systems are built in a way to allow this polymorphism using compile- or run- time typing systems, but this is often expensive or siloed within an artifact or language. This article talks about record composition and destructuring, and ways a language might aid the use of parts of a record in place of the whole.

  3. Type Alchemy (2017 August 18)

    We regularly work with data whose size is not fixed or known ahead-of-time – text, especially C strings, are a prominent example of this – and manipulating it safely requires effort. Part of my work involves using streams of structured, unsized, data, with as little indirection and discontinuity as possible.


  1. Unless, Until (2018 March 01)

    A draft RFC for adding unless and until keywords to Rust.

  2. Lint Level Reasons (2018 March 26)

    A draft RFC for attaching rationale directly to lint attributes.

  3. Crate Directory (2018 March 26)

    A draft RFC for solidifying the library usage mechanisms for non-Cargo Rust projects.

  4. Cargo Book (2018 March 26)

    A draft RFC for adding a book subcommand to Rust’s Cargo tool.


  • Adventures with nom (2018 April 05)

    Some things I learned while using the nom library on a parser project.

  • On Safety, and How Rust Can Help (2018 January 28)

    The Rust community issued a call for blog posts about Rust’s potential in 2018 and this is my response. It’s not very much about Rust.

  • New Year’s Resolutions (2018 January 01)

    New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.

  • DV (2017 September 21)

    A story about an abusive, violent relationship of mine. I cannot emphasize enough that if you feel incapable of reading about these things, do not open this.

  • Solar Eclipse Geometry (2017 August 06)

    Far too much information about why the moon’s shadow does what it does in an eclipse.

  • Inverted Discourse (2017 June 08)

    I wrote about an event I observed on Twitter and how it pertains to popularity effects I’ve seen in real life and especially amplified on social media.

  • Road Trip UT-MI (2017 May 16)

    The snapchat story of a four-day trip between Utah and Michigan

  • AHCA (2017 May 04)

    The House of Representatives passed a bill that would significantly alter healthcare law in America. I wrote about some of my family’s experience with medicine. The Senate rejected the bill a month later.

  • ASCII-Centrism (2017 March 26)

    An article about a small, small subset of problems with using software tools that have ASCII- and/or English- only syntax elements.

  • Immigration Ban (2017 January 28)

    I have some strong thoughts about immigration and social attitudes.

  • Computers Are Hard (2017 January 25)

    A brief, evergreen note about why sometimes you can’t read my website. Posting it on that website was, perhaps, foolish.

  • Hermaeus and Simple Tools (2016 October 12)

    I wrote a tool to ease archival work for a subreddit I frequent.