A collection of RFC documents I’ve written for Rust (and, possibly, other projects in the future?)

I occasionally have ideas about improvements to the Rust language. Here are some of them. One was rejected outright, one has been accepted and stalled in implementation, and I can’t remember if I even submitted the rest or not.

If I were a better person I’d go implement them but, oh well.

  1. Convert Trait ()

    Create a partner trait to From that allows conversion in a method chain. Available in the tap crate now.

  2. Cargo Book ()

    A draft RFC for adding a book subcommand to Rust’s Cargo tool.

  3. Crate Directory ()

    A draft RFC for solidifying the library usage mechanisms for non-Cargo Rust projects.

  4. Lint Level Reasons ()

    A draft RFC for attaching rationale directly to lint attributes.

  5. Unless, Until ()

    A draft RFC for adding unless and until keywords to Rust. Rejected.