Personal Essays

These are some essays that are reflective of me personally, rather than a more abstract or technical topic.

  1. Anosmia ()

    Don’t get covid.

  2. Upswing ()

    It’s nice to write down the good moments too.

  3. GNC Pronouns ()

    I decided to equip “they” as a secondary pronoun alongside “he”. This is why.

  4. Running on Fumes ()

    Not sure I can call it a post-mortem if I’m not the one who died.

  5. ⊙ Gone Home ()

    A summary of the last chapter of my father’s life.

  6. New Year’s Resolutions ()

    New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.

  7. DV ()

    A story about an abusive, violent relationship of mine. I cannot emphasize enough that if you feel incapable of reading about these things, do not open this.

  8. AHCA ()

    The House of Representatives passed a bill that would significantly alter healthcare law in America. I wrote about some of my family’s experience with medicine. The Senate rejected the bill a month later.

  9. Immigration Ban ()

    I have some strong thoughts about immigration and social attitudes.