Lightning Talk – Rust Belt Rust 2018

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I accidentally gave a lightning talk at Rust Belt Rust 2018.

I went to Rust Belt Rust 2018 thinking I’d just hang out with a couple friends and see some fun talks and chat about Rust. Maybe hang out with my parents a bit, since they live an hour from the venue.

There was a poster with sticky notes lying next to it, titled “Lightning Talks” and, seized by a brief flurry of whimsy and mania, I wrote for Rust in Space { myrrlyn } on one and put it up.

The next day, it was the most popular talk on the board, and that’s when I began to panic. I’d never given a talk before! I work in areas where several details are state secrets! I didn’t have slides!

So, Saturday morning before talks started, I gathered my scattered wits, and sat down with Arshia so each of us could work on our slides for our talks later that afternoon.

Talks are like diamonds – made with blood, over-valued, and best formed under intense pressue.

Here are my slides:

And here is the talk:

Apologies for the constant “uhhhhh”; I was forming the sentences about half a second ahead of actually saying them, and the time pressure is real.