Birthday Party 2021

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An invitation to my birthday party.

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Alright folks we have had an absolute nightmare of a year and a half and I have had a generally rough couple years even before that and we are turning this shit around.

It’s been a whole pandemic and a lot of Americans have had their vaccines by now and CDC permissions are getting, well, permissive. So here’s the deal:

You, Yes You, Are Cordially Invited

I am throwing a birthday party and if you are reading this you are coming. Or I shall be very cross. My presents are your presence. And I intend to go full Dudley if you’re missing.

First requirement: be vaccinated. Not negotiable.

  • WHEN: 2021 July 17 (Saturday), 11:00 to 23:00 Eastern Daylight Time
  • WHERE: Sandy Beach, Hillsdale, MI, USA. Also my mom’s house, but I’m going to refrain from putting her address on Al Gore’s internet.
  • WHAT: Pot-luck summer grill. Actually you should probably contact me with what you’re bringing and/or wanting me to get yourself. Yay coördination!
  • HOW: It’s summertime babey! We’re on a lake! I encourage swim suits, short shorts, and crop tops, but ultimately dress to your comfort level. Even if that means courderoys.
  • ACTIVITIES: Grilling, catching up, frisbee, swimming. Maybe cornhole if I can steal <ins>borrow</ins> a set from one of my friends. Bring anything you want also. Karaoke if I can find a setup.
  • CULTURE NOTES: Social drinking. Michigan has legalized recreational marijuana. You can bring your own supplies; I will supply some wine and cider. We are all out of college and we will not be reclaiming our youth.
  • COOL BONUSES: You get to meet my mom and/or my cat.


My mom’s house has five beds and two couches. We can sleep eight, maybe nine, guests if you’re fine with getting summer-camp cozy with probably strangers (very few of my friends know each other!). You can crash the nights of the 16th and/or 17th if you need to.

I will feed everyone and provide travel to/from the airport.

I sent you the link to this page directly. We already have each other’s contact information. RSVP by replying to me.