This is just my prototyping library. It serves as an incubator for modules I think are convenient but not necessarily worth breaking out into their own crate yet.

Currently its only major item is the fmt module.


Rust has a rich formatting system, but unfortunately it only uses the Debug trait in certain interfaces such as printing an error bubbled out of main, or dynamically assembling a debug-print of aggregate types.

This module provides transparent wrapper types that all implement Debug by forwarding to a different core::fmt trait, and a blanket extension trait that places methods to create those types on all types that implement the core formatters.

pub struct FmtDisplay<T: Display> {
  inner: T,

impl<T: Display> Debug for FmtDisplay<T> {
  fn fmt(&self, fmt: &mut Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
    Display::fmt(&self.inner, fmt)

pub trait FmtForward: Sized {
  fn fmt_display(self) -> FmtDisplay<Self>
 where Self: Display {
    FmtDisplay { inner: self }

impl<T: Sized> FmtForward for T {}

The types and trait methods repeat for Binary, Octal, LowerHex, and UpperHex as well.

To use, import the wyz::FmtForward trait and call .fmt_some_trait() on any object to gain a Debug implementation that prints what you actually want.