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I started writing in the Elder Scrolls universe in the fall of 2012, when I found a (now-defunct) “Tamriel Scholars’ Guild” roleplaying group on reddit. While this began as an exercise in community hangout and a very silly way to attempt a multi-player TES game (before Elder Scrolls Online was ever a thing), my inability to do things by halves soon meant that what began as brushing up on my character’s existence in the world soon turned into a much deeper interest.

I happened to roll Orsimer for my character, and I rapidly became /r/teslore’s “the” go-to guy for the species. I also became friends with another of the TSG players, /u/numinit, who helped me learn Sass and Ruby and become the maintainer of the subreddit’s CSS.

In addition to my behind-the-scenes work on /r/teslore’s visual appearance, I also improved my writing and understanding of the series meta-canon by hanging out in the Memospore chatrooms. Most of my posts from late 2013 on are in the /r/teslore Compendium (specifically my section), and two are in the much, much narrower Suggested Reading list.

I started drifting away from the community as university wound down, and ultimately lost the habit entirely shortly after starting work. I miss it, and I hope I’ll have the time and energy to get back into it.

This was a significant and meaningful part of my life during university. Even though it was relatively short, I really did pour my heart into my writing and my friends there. I hope you’ll enjoy these.







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