General Atomics

Nika Layzell and I wrote a crate that provides a trait, Radium, which abstracts over atomics and ordinary shared-mutable integers. We began it when the #[cfg(target_has_atomic = "width")] gate was not available to libraries, and we needed a way to switch between atomics and Cells based on what the target environment supported.

It’s now part of the Ferrilab project, as bitvec is a primary consumer.

The 1.0 series requires Rust 1.60, as this stabilized the target_has_atomic gate and allowed us to ditch the build-script with copy-pasted target definitions from the compiler repository and use information given to us during compilation proper. It adds type families so that you can request an atomic wrapper over a generic integer (useful in bitvec, which receives integers as type parameters rather than monomorphized names).

If your project includes targets with incomplete atomic support, this library is very likely useful to you. Eliminate missing-symbol errors and confusing cfg gates, and rely on us to route to the correct instruction for you.